About me

My name is Andres Eduardo Im 15 years old and my hobbies are watching videos, listening to music and reading (specially long novels that have politic conflicts between the characters like “Game of thrones”). I consider myself a silence and introvert person who finds hard making new friends; my favorite subjects at school are math and history.

The type of history that I would like most would be political and militar history because I have always love about reading wars in the past and the actions that the politics took to conserve their power or dominate another land or all the things they do for killing their family to gain the power.

In the studies related to historie I would prefer most the political science and the geography, because I think them are more related to the kind of history tha I like most and with them I can study the adventages of some countrys over other and what the king, emperors,etc… were thinking when they started wars or other kind of tactics to gain the power or more power.yo