Sumeria “The first civilization”

Sumeria was the first civilization of the human history. Ubicated in the sud of Irac between the rivers Eufrates and Tigris, Sumeria developed as an advaced country. They invented a system of agriculture that helped them to sembrate a lot of with less sed, that makes them rich (in therms of wheat).

This makes that the Sumeria people could live a luxury life, and also built citys; it was in Sumeria also that the first government system would be stablished, in this system a an called plu gan (¿?), that means, “Great men” becomes the lider of Sumeria.

The sumers also invented the writing, with system based in them counting system. Their counting system was based in 10 and 60 and it was an important advaced in that time. The sumers also invented an irrigation system that helped them to cultivate more wheat in a more effective way, them also were the creators of the arc architecture.


Egypt: The Birth of an Empire

narmerpalette The documental was about the begining of the dinasties of Egypt and the unification of the empire between the upper Egypt and the lower Egypt.

This begins when a powerfull chief of the upper Egypt named Narmer wishes to unificated all the territorie of the upper Egypt with the territorie of the lower Egypt, so he started to send message to the other “kingdoms” to unificated under his comand, but one of them in the lower Egypt reject Narmer message so he decided to destroy them and then unificated Egypt under his command.

At the begining of the documental the investigators put this events in dude, but nearly the end of the documental they reveal some fragment stones that confirmed this events, when took place and the victor of Narmor over the papirus people.

In the middle part of the documental they refer a lot to the Nile river, because it was the principal reason of the location of the empire. They also talks about the utilities of the river, that it permits the life in that lands (dessert) and how to egypts used it (some people still used it in the same way), like that they used boats to travel fast around the kingdom and to transport materials, people and even the Niloking-pharaon.