History articles



What sorts of discoveries and findings are being made in history today?

The findings are principal about artifacts and the rolled that the historians thought they might had in the past, checking with the things that they know about the period of time from which the artifact or thing come from.

In what ways are these discoveries and findings being made?

In some of them, after the long work of historians and specialist that excave in some areas where they think could be some artifacts, in others the discoveries are made by some common people that get them by luck and, in one case, after putting some effort, ,but in the end, they aren´t speciallist that know what they are doing or finding.

What was unusual about some of the findings discussed in the articles?

That they were made by people who aren´t speciallist, they get the coins or the bracelet by luck.

Every new finding needs to be compared to similar findings that are already known. why?

Because you can´t say that any piece of scrap that you found in the floor is an article of a culture. The historians checked the article, it´s composition and similar findings that where made in the area and then they see if there could be an ancient culture that could have made them, and they checked also the “age” of the article for seeing to which part of the time it belowns.

Was everyone involved in these findings a professional historian or scholar? How might you and your friends make similar findings?

No, the 3 and the 5 discover was made by some people that after some luck and a carefully revision get some ancient things that where very valuables articles of history. The best way in which us can discover something like that is to go in a zone where a culture was and then look carefully at the environment, it is normally the key for most discoveries, like the cave paintings at Altamira and Lascaux that where discovered because some people look carefully at they environment and found the entrance to the caves.

What are some of the facts you learned form the articles?

1.That not all of the important discoveries of historie are made by profesionals, common people can make them too.

2.These findings aren´t always some physacally evidence, it can be also the product of an extense investigation of the living form of the people of that time

3. All of these findings needs to be exhaminated by some experts to confirm it´s authenticity.

Many of these findings were made at physical sites. What dangers are historic sites exposed to?

To wars, rains, tornadoes, hurricanes, the pass of the time, the pass of animals, humans interactions with the site (like construction), earthquakes, and other natural and humans activities.

A video that shows some historical sites that are in danger of disappering


Clash of the titans

clash-of-the-titansActually, it was a good movie, the historie was great and the action escenes were very good, but it had almost nothing in common with the real myth of Persues. The only similarities between the myth and the movie are that Perseus and her mother were found in a box in the sea, that he go with the Graeae in search of clues to overcome his objective, that he killed Medusa and that he married Andromedae.

The differences are much bigger. In the first place the mother of Perseus was the daughter of the king of Argos Acrisius (who was the husband of Perseus mother in the movie) and that she survives when them two were in he box. The second was that Perseus and his mother arrived at the island of Seriphos and the brother of the king, Dictys, take care of them. In the third place the reason why Perseus killed Medusa is different between the myth and the movie, in the movie it was because with her head he could kill the kraken but actually it was because the king Polydectes (Dictys brother) asked him to do it.Medusa cabeza

This was because he had falled in love with Perseus mother, but Perseus doesn’t liked him, so, he think on a good plan to get off of Perseus.He pretended to tried to get the hand of Hippodamia, and asked for horses to give her as gifts, but Perseus doesn’t had horses, so he told the king that he would bring any give that he want and Polydectes asked the head of Meduse.

Well enough of the myth, continuing with the previous list of differences. The fourth one was that the girl that helped Perseus all around the movie really didn’t existed in the Greek mythologie, or, if she existed, never helped Perseus. Actually, Hades helps Perseus in the reality because he, Athenea, Hermes and Zeus give him some gifts to help him in his mission. He never fight with Medusa, he snake in her lair and killed her in complete silence and then go out quickly with the help of the helm of darkness of Hades. Other things is that the monster that he killed in order to save Andromeda was Cetus and it was a monster from Poseidon (though the crime of Andromeda was almost the same as in the movie) and the kingdom from where Andromeda was from was Ethiopia not Argos.Clash of the Titans

And with this ends my comparizon between the movie and the original myth