The House of Hannover

The house of Hannover, was a very controversial house that rise as the new ruler house of England in 1714, but how is that an originally german dinasty becomes the new ruler house?

This was due to the Act of Settlement, which bands Catholics to inherite the throne of England, then the people in the parlement need to find someone which where in the succesion tree and that wasn’t catholic, the person found was George Ludwing, which then become George I of England.

George I had power struggles at the biggining with the torie political party of the parlement, which didn’t want to listen to the act of Settlement and were supporting a catholic candidate for the throne, George solve this doing some reforms that gave the Whing, the faction supporting George, a mayority in the parlement, this gave England political estability

But the things didn’t resolve only with that, as George I remains pricipalment as a German duque, he only take the throne of England because it will give it’s territory protection, and so George I was controlling only the external relations and relegate all of the other matters to his prime Minister, thanks to that this position grew in power.

One of the most well know of this monarch and his succesors, were that they hand’t a good relation with their sons. George I never had a good relation with his son, which never pardon his father for separating from his mother. When George I get the throne the relationship between the two got worse and with the born of a child of George’s son they will had their biggest familliar fight that will end in the expell of the princes of Wales of the royal palace.

One of the succes that makes more pattent this fight was that when king George I go to Hannover in place of naming his son regent he put another person in charge and let his son in England with very restricted powers. Nevertheless, the princes of Wales do his best for reducing the influence of his father while he was in Hannover.



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