Independence of the Paraguay

In this video is present how the Paraguay becomes the first of the Spanish colonies to becomes independent. This start when Napoleon conquest Spain, this cause that the balanced of powers in the colonies got weak, so the creolles started to think seriously about revolution. During this time the Council of Buenos Aires send the general Belgrano in order to defeat the Paraguay’s forces.

The governor of Paraguay, Velasco, start to prepare the Paraguay’s forces to the battle, but before the battle he thought that they couldn’t win the battle and fled with all the spanish forces, but the criolles forces thought different and attack the forces of Belgrano, winning two times. After the battle the leaders of the criolles forces talked with Belgrano and so his theory’s of Revolution get to Paraguay.

Velasco arrested the leaders of the criolles forces, thinking that they would play a coup d’etat, this cause disconform between the creole population, which will lead to a true coup d’etat, which was leaded by Jose Gaspar Rodriguez of Francia, which later would become the first president and dictator of Paraguay. Paraguay was a nation with a fairly “clean” revolution, because it was planned i a way that there wouldn’t been a war, difference from many other revolutions.



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