Genghis Khan

genghis khanMy name is Temujin, my father was Yesügei, one of the mayor chiefs of the plains, and my mother was Hoelun, member of the Olkhunut clan, while my father led the Borjigin clan. I had three brothers, Hasar, Hachiun and Temüge, one sister named Temülen and two half-brother named Behter and Belgutei.I was born in 1162 in Delüün Boldog, a sacred place for the Mongols.

At the age of 9 my father arranged my marriage with my future wife Börte. I had to life with her and her tribe until we reach the marriage age of 12, but when my father was going home after delivering me to the father of Börte he was poisoned by the Tatars. I decided to go to the tribe of my father to reclaimed the leadership, but they refuse to follow me, due to my young age, and instand they abandoned me with my mother and all my brothers and my sister.

For several years we live in the poverty, surviving from fruits that we recollected and from the animals that I and my brother could hunt. During one hunt expedition we got in a fight with our half-brother Behter, who I ended killing, for the hunting spoils. The next year I was captured by the Tayichi’ud, once allies of my father, and I was enslaved by them as a cangue, but lately I escape from the slavery, hiding in a river crescent, thanks to the father Chilaun, one of my future generals. After that incident I was accepted by my father tribe and two of my best generals join forces with me.

A year after, when I was around 16, I marriage Börte, just as my father arranged, nut soon she was kidnapped by the Merkits. I rescue her with the help of my old friend Jamukha, and his protector Toghrul Khan of the Kerait tribe. Soon Börte give birth to a son 9 months later, which we called Jochi and after that we had three more sons, Chagatai, Ögedei and Tolui.genghis-khan-and-his-wife-bortei

My ascended to become the ruler of all Mongolia began when I offer myself as a vassal to one of my father´s anda, Toghrul, who helped me during the rescue of Börte. At this times the land of Mongolia was divided in 5 main tribes of confederations the Naimans, Merkits0020, Tatars, Khamag Mongols and Keraits. I started uniting the mongol tribes after the rescue of Börea and, with the aid of Toghrul, I defeated numerous tribes and started to form a unified Mongolia. By this time the son of Toghrul becomes jealous of my growing power and conspired to assassinate me, but I knew of his intention and kill him and his loyalties. This lead to a tension between me and Toghrul.

Toghrul and I become enemies when he refused to lead his daughter to my oldest son Jochi. This led us to fight in a war. Toghrul allied with my old childhood friend Jamukha, who ambition to rule over all Mongolia. The war was tough but I won it and I beat Toghrul and Jamukha, this was because numerous tribes unit to my side and abandoned Toghrul and Jamukha. Jamukha escaped to the Naiman tribe, where he and his loyals took refuge and he eventually was named Gür Khan by a khuruldai and he formed a coalition of tribes in order to oppose to me. In the consequently war I defeated the Naiman tribe and his coalition. Jomukha was betrayed by his soldiers, and they delivered him to me. I didn’t want disloyalty in my army so I order to kill the traitors and offered my friend ship to Jomukha, but he refused and asked for a death without blood which I conceded to him.

After that almost all of the tribes of Mongolia where under my control and at a Khuruldai I was acknowledge Khan of all the tribes and I took the title from where I would be known for the rest of my life “Genghis Khan”.

genghis-khan-soldiersAfter all this wars I create the Mongol empire and I turn all my people toward China in order to conquest them, this was because my empire was a military one, and without an enemy it would broke in parts quickly. I gathered information from merchants to fight this war and I first attack the Xia Xi Dynasty, who rules the nearest part of China and wasn’t in good terms with the Jin Dynasty, this help me in the war because the Jin Dynasty never aid the Xia Xi in the war. At the beginning it was a difficult war because the Mongols didn’t know how to fight siege war, but I learn this tactics from Chinese merchants as well as spies that I send in the merchants caravans.

By 1209 I made the Xia Xi Empire surrender and I started preparing my empire to conquest the other part of China that was rule by the Jin Dynasty.  In 1211 I started the conquest of the Jin Empire. After 4 years of war I captured the capital of the Jin Empire, Zhongdu, and make its emperor escape and replace the capital to Kaifeng, this lead us the all the northern part of China.

At this time an old enemy Kuchlug, who was part of the confederation of tribes that fought against me for the control of all Mongolia, had usurped the khanate of Kara-Khitan. I decided to march against the empire to kill Kuchlug and that he wasn’t a threat to the Mongol Empire, but my army was exhaust after 10 years of fighting against China, so I decided to send my youngest general, Jebe, along with an army of 2 tumen to defeat him. They got it through making that the people of the empire rebel against him.

AGenghis-Khan-swordsfter conquering most China I send merchants to the near Khwarezmia Empire to open a trading route between my empire and the rest of the world, but that idiots kill the merchants and the lord that kill them refuse to pay back the things that get from the caravan. So I send 3 messengers to the Sha in an intended of making the peace between our empires, but instead he kill one of the messengers (a musulman) and send me his head with the two other messengers that were shaved by order of the Sha.

I couldn’t stay passive and prepare my army to conquest the Sha Empire. Before I left China wondering that we were defeated I assigned my son Ögedei as my successor and my commander Muqali as the leader of the Mongols in China. For the march against the Khwarezmia Empire I divided my army in three parts after gathering all the possible information, one part was commanded by my son Jochi and he lead the army to the northeast of Khwarezmia, the second part was commanded by Jebe who marched secretly to the southeast part of Khwarezmia to attack with Jochi the city of Samarkand in a pierce attack. I commanded with my son Tolui the last division of the army and we attack the Khwarezmia Empire from the northwest.

The Sha make a tactical mistake when he divides his army around all the cities of his empire, lending his capital as an easy target, this lead us to quick captured the city of Samarkand, after that it was an easy victory in almost all the cities of the empire, except in the city of Urgench, where the people fought fiercely and we got more causalities than usuals. I ordered to kill almost all the people of all the cities of the Khwarezmia Empire, lending only the artisan to survive.

After conquering the Khwarezmia Empire, I started to go back home, but I took a deviation to plunder the lands of Georgia, Crimea, and Rus. At the time that I come home I see that the remands of the Xia Xi Dynasty and the Jin Dynasty formed a coalition in order to fight against me. Immediately I began to subdue them again and by the end of my campaign against them I was so angry with them that I order to make all the imperial family die, ending with the Xia Xi Dynasty. At that time I was castrated by one of the remands Xia Xi princess and I die from the wounds in 1227

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What sorts of discoveries and findings are being made in history today?

The findings are principal about artifacts and the rolled that the historians thought they might had in the past, checking with the things that they know about the period of time from which the artifact or thing come from.

In what ways are these discoveries and findings being made?

In some of them, after the long work of historians and specialist that excave in some areas where they think could be some artifacts, in others the discoveries are made by some common people that get them by luck and, in one case, after putting some effort, ,but in the end, they aren´t speciallist that know what they are doing or finding.

What was unusual about some of the findings discussed in the articles?

That they were made by people who aren´t speciallist, they get the coins or the bracelet by luck.

Every new finding needs to be compared to similar findings that are already known. why?

Because you can´t say that any piece of scrap that you found in the floor is an article of a culture. The historians checked the article, it´s composition and similar findings that where made in the area and then they see if there could be an ancient culture that could have made them, and they checked also the “age” of the article for seeing to which part of the time it belowns.

Was everyone involved in these findings a professional historian or scholar? How might you and your friends make similar findings?

No, the 3 and the 5 discover was made by some people that after some luck and a carefully revision get some ancient things that where very valuables articles of history. The best way in which us can discover something like that is to go in a zone where a culture was and then look carefully at the environment, it is normally the key for most discoveries, like the cave paintings at Altamira and Lascaux that where discovered because some people look carefully at they environment and found the entrance to the caves.

What are some of the facts you learned form the articles?

1.That not all of the important discoveries of historie are made by profesionals, common people can make them too.

2.These findings aren´t always some physacally evidence, it can be also the product of an extense investigation of the living form of the people of that time

3. All of these findings needs to be exhaminated by some experts to confirm it´s authenticity.

Many of these findings were made at physical sites. What dangers are historic sites exposed to?

To wars, rains, tornadoes, hurricanes, the pass of the time, the pass of animals, humans interactions with the site (like construction), earthquakes, and other natural and humans activities.

A video that shows some historical sites that are in danger of disappering

Clash of the titans

clash-of-the-titansActually, it was a good movie, the historie was great and the action escenes were very good, but it had almost nothing in common with the real myth of Persues. The only similarities between the myth and the movie are that Perseus and her mother were found in a box in the sea, that he go with the Graeae in search of clues to overcome his objective, that he killed Medusa and that he married Andromedae.

The differences are much bigger. In the first place the mother of Perseus was the daughter of the king of Argos Acrisius (who was the husband of Perseus mother in the movie) and that she survives when them two were in he box. The second was that Perseus and his mother arrived at the island of Seriphos and the brother of the king, Dictys, take care of them. In the third place the reason why Perseus killed Medusa is different between the myth and the movie, in the movie it was because with her head he could kill the kraken but actually it was because the king Polydectes (Dictys brother) asked him to do it.Medusa cabeza

This was because he had falled in love with Perseus mother, but Perseus doesn’t liked him, so, he think on a good plan to get off of Perseus.He pretended to tried to get the hand of Hippodamia, and asked for horses to give her as gifts, but Perseus doesn’t had horses, so he told the king that he would bring any give that he want and Polydectes asked the head of Meduse.

Well enough of the myth, continuing with the previous list of differences. The fourth one was that the girl that helped Perseus all around the movie really didn’t existed in the Greek mythologie, or, if she existed, never helped Perseus. Actually, Hades helps Perseus in the reality because he, Athenea, Hermes and Zeus give him some gifts to help him in his mission. He never fight with Medusa, he snake in her lair and killed her in complete silence and then go out quickly with the help of the helm of darkness of Hades. Other things is that the monster that he killed in order to save Andromeda was Cetus and it was a monster from Poseidon (though the crime of Andromeda was almost the same as in the movie) and the kingdom from where Andromeda was from was Ethiopia not Argos.Clash of the Titans

And with this ends my comparizon between the movie and the original myth

Sumeria “The first civilization”

Sumeria was the first civilization of the human history. Ubicated in the sud of Irac between the rivers Eufrates and Tigris, Sumeria developed as an advaced country. They invented a system of agriculture that helped them to sembrate a lot of with less sed, that makes them rich (in therms of wheat).

This makes that the Sumeria people could live a luxury life, and also built citys; it was in Sumeria also that the first government system would be stablished, in this system a an called plu gan (¿?), that means, “Great men” becomes the lider of Sumeria.

The sumers also invented the writing, with system based in them counting system. Their counting system was based in 10 and 60 and it was an important advaced in that time. The sumers also invented an irrigation system that helped them to cultivate more wheat in a more effective way, them also were the creators of the arc architecture.

Egypt: The Birth of an Empire

narmerpalette The documental was about the begining of the dinasties of Egypt and the unification of the empire between the upper Egypt and the lower Egypt.

This begins when a powerfull chief of the upper Egypt named Narmer wishes to unificated all the territorie of the upper Egypt with the territorie of the lower Egypt, so he started to send message to the other “kingdoms” to unificated under his comand, but one of them in the lower Egypt reject Narmer message so he decided to destroy them and then unificated Egypt under his command.

At the begining of the documental the investigators put this events in dude, but nearly the end of the documental they reveal some fragment stones that confirmed this events, when took place and the victor of Narmor over the papirus people.

In the middle part of the documental they refer a lot to the Nile river, because it was the principal reason of the location of the empire. They also talks about the utilities of the river, that it permits the life in that lands (dessert) and how to egypts used it (some people still used it in the same way), like that they used boats to travel fast around the kingdom and to transport materials, people and even the Niloking-pharaon.

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The type of history that I would like most would be political and militar history because I have always love about reading wars in the past and the actions that the politics took to conserve their power or dominate another land or all the things they do for killing their family to gain the power.

In the studies related to historie I would prefer most the political science and the geography, because I think them are more related to the kind of history tha I like most and with them I can study the adventages of some countrys over other and what the king, emperors,etc… were thinking when they started wars or other kind of tactics to gain the power or more power.yo